How to Choose the Best Bike Gear for India


It is important to understand that although in the pictures, India looks picture perfect, the country can offer you some extremely harsh terrains and climates. So, while in the far north east, you could face constant rains, the extreme west, you would get to see deserts. The upper north can become extremely cold, while the south can be exceedingly hot. Which is why, if you are considering exploring the country on a bike, you need to invest in good bike gear in India first.

The essentials would include a good jacket, boots, gloves and a helmet, because these will offer your body the basic protection it will need. The helmet is a must, because you need to put your physical safety beyond anything. Whether you choose an open face helmet or a closed one is up to you, but the closed one will offer protection to your eyes too. You will also want to look for biker jackets online in India because the jacket will ensure that your body is protected. Look for a jacket in a material that will bear the rain and dust and will also provide you with warmth.

Finally, also look for hand gloves for bike riders, because your regular woollen gloves will not work for your bike rides. Here, you will need something sturdier such as leather or suede, which will not only offer you a better grip, but also warmth and comfort. You could yet again choose from full coverage gloves to ones that will keep your fingers out in the open.